Advice on choosing your instrument

Simon has over 20 years experience in Canberra matching players with instruments that are comfortable, satisfying to play and appropriate for their level of musicianship.


Choosing for beginners

Choosing the right fit

Simon makes choosing the right sized instrument for your child easy.  Working in partnership with you, your child and your teacher, Simon offers free fittings and is happy to make any necessary adjustments. Better still, if your teacher is not satisfied with the choice, he is happy to exchange.

As your beginner grows

As your beginner grows in size and confidence, Simon offers trade ins on all instruments bought at The Violin Shop. An important consideration is that your child's instrument is adequately responsive to suit their level of playing. With Canberra's biggest range of student and advanced instruments, you will have plenty to choose from. Involving your teacher in your choice is strongly recommended. 

Adult beginners

Simon is happy to talk through all the considerations in choosing an instrument that will enhance your enjoyment and satisfaction while learning to play - whilst not blowing your budget.


Expert players

Simon has a range of higher-end instruments from all over the world; from modern to antique. He is understands that every player is unique. He is happy to work with expert musicians to test his range, making any necessary adjustments. In most circumstances he will be happy for an instrument to go out on trial for an agreed period.


What about bows?

Yes, the right bow can make a big difference to sound quality, playability, tone and comfort. There is a growing range of bows on the market to choose from including carbon fibre, carbon composite and traditional wooden. 


The traps of buying online

Simon has come across many who have fallen into the trap of buying a cheap instrument online. He has also seen many brand new instruments that are unplayable out of the box. All instruments sold at The Violin Shop, even brand new ones, have been properly adjusted and set up for playability and tone. 



Simon offers a one year warranty covering repairs and adjustments.


See Caring for your instrument.